Once upon a time, when the world was much younger, this site a standard Geocities site. It later progressed to a domain, thanks to a birthday gift, and eventually to getting hosting for my site. Those were innocent days, when I only owned one domain. But that one domain started something; a blackbird-like interest in the shiny things! I bought another, and then another and then it all went downhill from there. To date, I own around 60+ domains (I know, I know!) and there is the reason for my dilemma.

A personal domain has, well, personal things in it, as we all know. When I owned just one domain it was easy to put everything in together: my family, my interests, adoptables and collections, memberships and webrings, dedication pages. Everything a good personal site contains. But when I started to collect domains it became much more difficult. I started spreading the material around between them. Which is not such a bad thing, there is plenty for all of them. But it means that everything that a visitor could expect to find in a personal site is, well, elsewhere, like as not. And when I try to think of things to write, to add to this site, I think well, it could fit better somewhere else. *sigh* Now do you see the problem?

This section of my website is about my journey on the web. Including the groups I joined and the website communities that have now long gone. You will also find items about my current websites and activities on the internet.